dog bite insurance claims

An estimated 4.5 million people in the US are victims of dog bites. That could add up to a lot of dog bite insurance claims. Pet owners are legally responsible for the behavior of their dogs and you can’t always control the circumstances that could result in an attack. Keep in mind that friends or loved ones are often the victims of a dog bite injury, many of whom are children.


In many cases, an attack by a dog may require medical attention, and in severe instances, the attack could even result in a death occurring. As the owner, you will be required to pay for any injuries, including scarring and disfigurement. You could also be sued for pain and suffering, and forced to pay for all medical bills and even lost wages associated with the attack.


Preventing dog bites from happening


Most states have statutes making it difficult for dog owners to avoid liability due to resulting injuries in a dog bite lawsuit. Because an attack can result in serious injury, owners should invest the necessary time and money to properly train their pets in order to prevent an unwarranted attack in the first place.


One good method is positive reinforcement dog training. This rewards good behavior rather than punishing inappropriate behavior. Punishment can, however, be a useful form of training for some breeds. A dog often growls as a warning signal when they are uncomfortable with a particular person or in certain situations. Preventing them from growling means stifling their ability to communicate their discomfort signaling that they may be about to bite. A professional dog trainer can help a dog owner in managing their dog’s aggression to ensure the safety of those coming into contact with the animal.


Common dog bite injuries


An owner’s previous knowledge of their dog’s tendency to be aggressive can be a factor in any litigation. This includes breed knowledge, training techniques, and any prior aggressive behavior. Some of the most common injuries associated with dog bites are puncture wounds, skin lacerations, or crushed or broken bones, which can lead to infections from rabies and other diseases the dog may carry.


Scars, and infections can be a serious, life-long result of a dog bite. Scars also cause emotional injuries and lingering fears, especially in children. This adds up to a lot of added costs when not properly insured, and avoiding involvement in dog bite insurance claims makes sense for anyone that owns a pet.

The Potential for a Lawsuit Due to Your Pet’s Actions