staffing agency insurance

From office administration and management to finance, healthcare and computer programming, companies that provide temporary or permanent placement services work with clients from diverse industries. Professional staffing agency insurance is designed to help minimize the unique risk exposures associated with three primary categories: placement procedures, work performed by employees and services provided by the agency.

Key Features of a Comprehensive Staffing Agency Insurance Policy

In addition to protecting against liabilities involving worker performance on the job, a comprehensive coverage plan should protect against placement procedure oversights and any extra services rendered by the agency.

  • Work Performed: temporary or contracted workers are employees of the staffing firm, and as such are liable for worker errors and accidents.
    Placement Procedures: staffing agencies also face exposures related to the screening and testing process.
  • Workers who lack the needed certifications or skills can cost a company valuable time and money, and in certain positions may put themselves or others in physical danger.
  • Additional Services: agencies that provide human resource, IT or consulting services in addition to placing employees risk potentially sizable claims associated with these activities.

Coverage for a Versatile Industry

Whether your firm serves many different types of clients or caters to a specific niche, a robust staffing agency insurance policy is critical for minimizing the unique risks involved in today’s placement industry.


Why Professional Liability Coverage is Crucial for the Staffing Industry