The State of Florida is one of a number of states that adhere to “strict liability” and “negligence” laws when it comes to dog bites. Essentially, these laws state that you, the owner, are liable for any and all injuries caused by your dog, including those caused by your own negligence. Even the most careful dog owners can’t protect against all injury-causing situations, so it is essential that you obtain Florida dog bites quotes for a dog bite liability insurance policy in addition to following these simple safety steps.


Confining Your Dog While Outside With a Fence or Dog Run


Keeping your dog confined within a limited area is essential in reducing the risk of a dog bite or attack. You may feel that you know your dog best and you’re probably right, but there are factors that can lead to aggression in dogs that are far beyond your control. In other words, even if you’re convinced your dog will stay close while you wash the car in the street in front of your house, who is to say that your neighbor won’t do something to make your dog feel threatened, which can lead to a bite?


Abiding by All Leash Laws


Leash laws exist for a reason, and that reason is to ensure the safety of Florida’s citizens while in public places. If you’re letting your dog roam freely in an area where leash laws are enforced and your dog bites someone, you’ll likely experience an open-and-shut case where you, the dog owner, are found responsible for all injuries and damages sustained by the victim.


Again, even the most responsible dog owner cannot protect against all potential bite situations, so obtaining Florida dog bites quotes, and ultimately, proper dog bite liability coverage, is essential in protecting both you and your pooch.

Protect Yourself in the Event of a Bite With These Simple Safety Steps