Fine dining insurance
Fine dining insurance

Restaurants, like any other businesses, need to have adequate insurance coverage. They have unique needs specific to their industry. Here are two types of fine dining insurancea restaurant owner should carry.


Food Poisoning Insurance


Typically, a case of food poisoning is not life threatening, but can make someone very ill. It is relatively easy for even very responsible dining establishments to become embroiled in food poisoning litigation. A lawyer who has a client who had food poisoning will often attempt to link as many parties as possible to the incident; this can include the restaurant, food manufacturer and distributer. This type of coverage is particularly important because general liability insurance often does not cover food poisoning incidents.


Liquor Liability


Many restaurants serve wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages. They have exposure in the event anyone who was drinking at their restaurant causes property damage or injuries themselves or someone else. While it’s reasonable to think the individual who was drunk should be responsible for any damages, the restaurant that provided the alcohol could be held liable. Many of the alcohol related insurance claims come from fights or altercations by people who have had too much to drink, so it is also a good idea to consider coverage for assault and battery.


Fine dining insurance is essential for any restaurant owner that wants ensure his business interests are protected.

Protect Your Restaurant With the Right Insurance
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