Marine Business

WQIS works with the top insurance companies including New York Marine & General Insurance Company. Marine companies haul freight across the open waters and inland areas to deliver to customers across the nation. With all those moving parts, the risks and liabilities of the company increase. Using an AM Best A- or better insurance company, you lower your risks and get the best insurance coverage available.

Business Protection

Operating ships and trucks come with many exposures caused both by human error and the machinery. Shipping vessels are subject to whatever is in the water. Trucks have to deal with other drivers and road hazards. An error or accident could lead to a lawsuit involving the company. The right insurance protects the financial assets of your business.

Marine Pollution

With an increase in interest in environmental factors, businesses face increasing pressure to meet strict guidelines and make their businesses greener. Use a company with more than 45 years of experience in marine pollution insurance to cover your exposures.

Partnering with WQIS allows you to customize your New York Marine & General Insurance company policy to your specific needs. As a trusted partner, we aim to provide you with the exceptional customer service and quality coverage you need to keep your marine business operating smoothly.

Protect Your Marine Business with the Best Insurance Products