car collector insurance

If you have ever seen the intense head swiveling on Rodeo Drive whenever a classic beauty goes by, you likely understand the thrill beheld by the antique automobile owner. The love of beautiful automobiles is a universal obsession in which only a lucky few can indulge. Whether you’ve collected a 1994 Ford Mustang, a 1966 Ferrari 330 GTC, or a 1983 Mercedes 380 SL, your head-turner should have the ultimate in car collector insurance.

Wear and Tear

Classics are often considered classics because they are, to put it bluntly, old. No matter how pristine of a condition a vehicle is in, there may inevitably be some natural aches and pains. Some of the auto parts are also likely to be difficult to find or discontinued. Likewise, mechanics that know how to deal with your car’s year and model can be few and far between. Anticipating things that may go wrong with your automobile and getting the right car collector insurance before they do is often the best way to protect it.

The Benefit of Coverage

Insurance companies can cover more than you may think. Some offer a spare parts coverage for those one-of-a-kind additions you ordered from Europe after years of searching. Some also offer towing insurance and medical reimbursement insurance.

If you’re a collector, chances are you’ve invested a lot into your vehicle. With the right plan, you can feel safe when showing off your pride and joy.

Protection for the Passionate Antique Car Owner