As a restaurant owner you have certain concerns that you must address; kitchen fires, accidents involving workers, injuries involving patrons, serving bad or potentially contaminated food, and the list goes on. As a restaurant owner, you’ll need several policies that address all of these issues, but there may be other risks and exposures associated with this line of work.

You may have vehicles that are used for work, for picking up supplies, or delivering food to paying customers as many of these types of establishments do. Operating a food delivery service brings lots of revenues to many in the food services industry, but you’ll need new jersey commercial auto insurance to aid you in the event that a lawsuit results from any incident involving one of your workers. Accidents happen all of the time, so having the proper restaurant insurance to cover this peril is both essential and vital.

Protecting your business and your workers

A New Jersey commercial auto insurance policy is designed to protect the business and its employees in the event that an accident occurs while they are driving a company vehicle or performing any work-related duties.

For example, if one of your employees is delivering pizza and, in an attempt to make the delivery in the required amount of time, ends up driving too fast, or taking their eyes off the road while checking for an address, this could end up with them being involved in a collision with another vehicle. You would then be responsible for any damages or injuries that occur.

If an employee winds up hitting and injuring a pedestrian, the amount of the medical bills, any lost income, and compensation for pain and suffering could cost you your business if not properly insured. Your commercial auto policy would help to pay the expenses for any damages or injuries resulting from this.

Each state sets its own commercial auto insurance requirements and you should know what those requirements are for New Jersey. State insurance laws cover matters such as the minimum amounts of bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage that must be carried, with some states mandating additional coverage also be in place.

Your business is a valuable asset and one you cannot afford to lose due to improper coverage. If you are in the market for new jersey commercial auto insurance, or any other exposures you face, you should speak to a reputable agent today!

Restaurants Utilizing Vehicles Must Consider Their Liabilities