worker's compensation insurance in Los Angeles.

 worker's compensation insurance in Los Angeles


When we talk about best practices for employers, the implementation of a return-to-work program is on everyone’s list as part of an effective workers compensation insurance program. Most employers would agree that having these programs in place can really help the bottom line by having the option to bring employees back to work, even if only on modified duty. Getting an injured employee back to being productive can only have positive results regarding your worker’s compensation insurance in Los Angeles.


While there will be naysayers, the program should be undertaken with an understanding that it will be effective for most every circumstance you come across, and overall, it should pay dividends to the business owner in terms of employee satisfaction. It’s also important to recognize that only the more well-constructed and administered return-to-work programs are likely to succeed.


Return-to-work programs can really help


To be truly effective, and achieve any potential savings, a return-to-work program should be part of a coordinated loss management program. The major components of a loss management program are immediate reporting and investigation of accidents, along with having a primary medical care arrangement, along with regular communication with injured employees.


A return-to-work program will only produce the desired results if the injured employee is receiving treatment from a provider that is willing to cooperate in the return-to-work effort. To improve your chances of success in this area, you, as an employer, should establish relationships with medical providers who are willing to take the time necessary to understand your business and will work with your company to facilitate a medically appropriate return to work policy.


The best way for medical providers to make a judgment in this matter is perhaps to tour your operations and see the various jobs in action. You can aid this process by drafting functional job descriptions to provide to the doctor offering detailed information about the physical requirements of each position up for consideration.


Your odds of achieving an early and cost effective return of previously injured workers improve when there is a primary medical care arrangement in place to go along with any return-to-work program. Your worker’s compensation insurance in Los Angeles can provide you with the opportunity to better serve the people that serve you.

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