You might think that the marijuana industry is just a big money-making sham put on by hippies and liberals. Just how safe are those dispensaries that are popping up on every street corner? Well, the truth is that all states have strict laws about the marijuana industry and these stores are, in fact, much safer than you might realize.

Tested and Approved

It might surprise you that the products being sold at marijuana dispensaries are lab tested wellness products. The research found on indicates that products go through a rigorous two-part testing process to ensure quality and safety for users.

Carded at the Door

Although parents might worry that kids can just waltz in and grab some weed at their leisure, this is not something worth worrying about. Dispensaries are required to card any and all attendees at the store, and minors are not allowed. Many storefronts have bona fide bouncers stationed at the door to check ID!

Law is Law

If you live in an illegal state and a dispensary pops up, there is almost 100% certainty that it will be shut down. The national attitude on weed is changing, yes, but the federal law still stands. You must have valid licenses and follow the legal rules in order to run a head shop.
There are plenty of standards that dispensaries must adhere to, but the bottom line is that they are safer than you think. Legal states have heavy rules to follow, and they are not taken lightly by business owners or law enforcement.

Rules for Running a Head Shop