Did you know that when and where you park your motorcycle has a direct effect on your motorcycle insurance premium? The more precautions you take, the lower the risk that it will be stolen and, therefore, the lower your insurance rates will be. Here are some of the safest places to park your motorcycle in Orlando.

Motorcycle Insurance Near A Fixed Object

The best place to park your motorcycle is near a fixed object. This allows you to not only lock your bike, but also use a strap or u-lock to lock and anchor your motorcycle to the object. This is especially beneficial if you will be inside for a long period of time.

By A Security Camera

Whether you are on an extended ride or just making a quick trip to the mall, you should park your motorcycle near a light and directly in the view of a security camera to deter potential thieves. In the event that your locks and/or other security mechanisms are defeated, the camera should provide a decent view of the perpetrator and help to recover your bike.

In A Parking Lot

When parking your motorcycle in a parking lot that does not have designated spaces for motorcycles, the safest place to park is in the middle of the stall. This is not so much to prevent theft, but rather to prevent damage to your bike. If you park in the middle of a stall, motorists will be able to see the motorcycle before they attempt to pull into the stall and possibly hit the bike.

Safest Places To Park Your Motorcycle