When you work with clients to find the right insurance benefits, you often rely upon your software to provide the right match based upon certain risk factors and other criteria. Determining this information can be complex, but with an automated insurance rating system, much of the work is done for you.


The right program will automatically place your potential clients in the right underwriting and tier location based upon their risk assessment. The best systems feature the latest and most accurate ISO information, including the specific rates and information for each carrier. With this information, you can better serve your client in choosing the right carrier and plan. Some systems also make it easy to generate all the ISO statistical codes to be easily aggregated into the correct format for record keeping.


Another important aspect of automated insurance rating system is the ability to be customized to your specific market. You also want a software program that can integrate into your other policy administration programs, such as your MGA Systems, Epic-Premier, or any others.


By placing the work into the hands of the computer, you reduce the time it takes to generate quotes for your clients, and the information is more accurate. This reduces the amount of time it takes to work with each client, as well as the number of errors, which in turn saves your company money. Therefore, with the right system in place, you will have a more productive and efficient agency.

Save Time and Effort with Automated Insurance Rating System