restaurant insurance in Tennessee

If you are considering opening a small business in Tennessee, you will need to procure a few insurance products before you can open your doors. Whether it is a design studio or clothing store, these insurance policies will protect your business and your employees. That includes restaurant insurance in Tennessee.

There are, essentially, two types of insurance you need to open a business: employer insurance and commercial business insurance. Let’s take a look:

Employer Insurance

Employer insurance is not only a must-have for every business, regardless of size, it is required by law. Employer insurance includes workers compensation, disability and unemployment insurance.Workers compensation covers employees when they are injured on the job. Disability insurance replaces an employees lost wages if injury or illness prevents a person from working. Unemployment insurance, paid via taxes, provides a small safety net for workers who lose their job.

Commercial Business Insurance

There are several types of commercial business insurance that could be part of your restaurant insurance in Tennessee portfolio. This includes general liability insurance, which covers bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage. It can even include damages due to false advertising.

Other policies you might consider include product liability insurance, which protects you if your product causes injury or damage. And professional liability covers business errors and malpractice, among other things.

Small Business Insurance Policies You Need