Workers’ compensation brokers

It can be difficult for small businesses to secure the workers’ compensation coverage they need. This holds especially true for businesses considered high risk, such as demolition. Workers’ compensation brokers make finding coverage easier and more affordable for your clients, and it behooves you to consult with them before you present policy options to the small business owners.

Underwriting Experience

In looking for the right broker for your clients’ needs, look for one with extensive underwriting experience. This gives them the upper hand with insurance carriers. When the carrier can trust the expert underwriters at the brokerage, it will be more likely to offer coverage at reasonable prices for your clients. You win and so do your clients, especially when you tap into additional services.

Services Specific to Workers’ Compensation

Aside from the required insurance coverage, knowledgeable workers’ compensation brokers also help your clients with

  • Abuse and fraud prevention
  • Loss reduction
  • OSHA compliance
  • Safety programs

These things cost corporations tons of money annually, and a small business cannot afford losses of any kind.

Returning Employees

In addition to the above, many top workers’ compensation brokers offer return-to-work programs designed to get your clients’ injured or ill employees back to work quickly. These programs include claims management and medical care guidance, and many employers find them crucial toward saving operating costs in the end.

Small Businesses and Workers’ Compensation Insurance