Hospice workers can provide an invaluable service as they care for the terminally ill and their families. However, it can be difficult to give attention to the task at hand if you are worried about possible litigation. Specialty insurance for hospices can provide peace of mind so employees can focus on their real concern: patients.

Care for terminally ill patients can range from pain management to bereavement support. With such a variety of services offered, there can be a wide range of issues for insurance to cover. Professional liability can guard against the different problems that can arise. It may include claims citing alleged errors or omissions by caregivers or possible negligence. Anyone working for a hospice program, including health care workers, volunteers, and even office staff, can be subject to legal action.

Liability insurance can also cover employee-related suits for issues such as injuries or accidents on the job, or for damages to a private vehicle used for work. It could also include suits based on alleged discrimination or harassment.

The need for a hospice industry continues to grow with the increasing elderly population, as well as a demand for workers to serve in it. With specialty insurance for hospices, both individual care workers as well as their employers can spend their time worrying about how best to serve this influx of patients, instead of worrying about how to protect themselves.

Specialty Insurance Protects Caregivers