Florida dog bite liability Dogs are some of the most loving, loyal and gentle animals on the planet, but sometimes they can act out of character and lash out and bite someone. If your dog were to bite someone, would you be able to adequately take care of the injuries the victim received? Florida dog bite liability insurance will take care of anyone bitten by your dog for whatever reason. If you have a dog, no matter how gentle a breed, you should make sure that you have dog bite liability insurance.

Homeowners And Renters Insurance

 Most homeowners and renters insurance policies include at least $100,000 worth of benefits to victims of dog bites. With both types of policies, your insurance company has an obligation to cover an appropriate amount of financial compensation for a majority of dog-related accidents. Your maximum limit will be determined by the size of your dog since the bite of smaller dogs won’t cause as much damage as the bite of larger dogs. For example, a policy with a limit of $300,000 is sufficient for a medium sized dog.

The Facts

 Statistics have shown that roughly 4 million people a year are harmed by dog bites in America, and most of the victims of serious bites are children. Financial losses have been recorded as being more than one billion dollars a year. If you’re a dog owner, you should be aware that currently there are no requirements for renters and homeowners insurance policies to include coverage for losses, damages, pain or suffering caused by dogs.

Having Florida dog bite liability covers you, your dog, potential dog bite victims and the relationships you have with friends and family in case one of them is ever harmed by your dog.

Take A Bite Out Of Your Insurance Policy