resorts workers’ comp

Customer service and comfort are the bedrocks of the hospitality industry. What about the workers in the industry, though? They are often prone to injury whether through slips and falls or simply as the result of shift work that leaves them fatigued and thus more vulnerable to accidents. When injuries occur on the job, resorts workers’ comp can help pay for medical bills and any pay lost without taxing the resources of the business owner or the business itself.

Resort work is fast-paced and ever-changing. Ensuring that customer needs are fulfilled quickly means that sometimes safety protocols take a back burner to the rush of the work. For example, a spilled drink may be cleaned up within minutes, but in the interim, a busy waiter could slip and fall in the mess. As long as a claim is filed correctly to show that resulting injuries are work-related, resorts workers’ comp can pay the waiter’s medical bills.

Another common practice that taxes employees’ health is the shift work regularly required of them. When employees work odd or irregular hours, it can affect their sleep patterns, digestion and mood stability. Once fatigue sets in, they become more likely to get injured on the job.

There are unique issues inherent in hospitality work that can lead to workplace injuries. A solid workers’ compensation plan can help cushion the costs of these injuries.

The Need for Workers’ Comp Coverage in the Hospitality Industry