It is important that you cover your business in any way possible. Non-owned auto insurance is a great protective measure if you have employees or contractors that utilize theirs or a rental vehicle for your company services. Considering the various options that are available, there are a few things to know about this form of insurance.

What is Covered

The purpose of this insurance is to cover the business in the case that an employee is accused of a negligible act on the job while utilizing a non-company vehicle. As such, liability claims and the costs associated with representation are covered by the policy.

What is Not Covered

This coverage is not meant to protect individuals. Therefore, usually it does not provide coverage for employees who are driving the vehicles. It also does not provide reimbursement for the vehicles or any transported items. However, different insurers may offer some special plan offerings.


Even with its strict coverage stipulations, this insurance offers several benefits, including:

  • Isolate the negligible incident, limiting costs
  • Protect the business against employee actions
  • Limit out of pocket costs for expensive court fees

Non-owned auto insurance is there to bridge the gap with coverage that a traditional business insurance plan does not provide. To learn more about how such a policy could benefit you, speak with your local agent.

Things to Know About Non-Owned Auto Insurance