Many managers or business owners believe their choice of a NJ workers compensation insurance company makes little difference, as long as the company and policies meet legal guidelines. However, working with the right insurance company can make all the difference when it comes to saving money and preventing losses. The following factors make partnering with the right company not only essential, but also profitable.


1. Fraudulent Claims


Unfortunately, workers compensation fraud does occur. It is crucial that employee claims are investigated carefully; the insurer must avoid impeding real claims or awarding money based on fraudulent claims. Since a company pays rates based on claim history and losses, working with an insurer that takes fraud seriously can generate savings.


2. Outside Analysis


The best insurance companies are committed to helping policyholders understand areas of risk and reduce that risk. Given the extensive experience insurance company representatives have, their analysis of a policyholder’s losses, areas of weakness, and potential remedies can be invaluable.


3. Time-Tested Programs


Many insurers help companies implement employee safety programs, specialized training, and other initiatives to prevent losses. Leading insurance companies usually have experience with the relevant laws and possible approaches to loss prevention. These tested approaches will often be more effective than employer pilot programs.


Enjoying Long-Term Gains


These are just a few benefits that come with choosing the right NJ workers compensation insurance provider. The right insurer can truly be a partner that helps a company lower losses, save money, and position itself more strongly. Owners and managers should always keep these potential benefits in mind when choosing between workers compensation insurance companies.

Three Reasons Choosing the Right Workers Compensation Insurer Matters