The automotive industry is full of hazards from start to finish. The potential for injuries, loss of life, or property damage is always present. As a shop owner, you need to make certain that you protect your employees and your business. Provide your staff with proper training. Keep your shop organized and cover your risk with the right auto body insurance.

Staff Training

Employees in an auto repair facility are encouraged to work quickly. The pay structure of flat rate compensation strategies incentivizes cutting corners. Ignoring safety protocols are the easiest short cuts to take. As an owner, you need to do everything you can to make certain your staff is aware of the potential injury risks. Your employees need to be skilled with the equipment they are using and know how to maximize their time efficiently while also avoiding injuries. Make certain they have received proper training and that they respect the safety procedures at all times.

Organization and Cleaning

The space you work in must meet certain standards. Chemicals need to be organized and disposed of properly. Equipment should be clean and in functioning order. Avoid trip hazards by keep tools, materials, air hoses, and power chords up off of the ground. In a body shop where paint fumes can accumulate, proper ventilation is critical. Make certain your ventilation system is working that staff is using masks and eye protection.

Auto Body Insurance

No matter how careful you are, accidents and injuries still happen. Reducing the risk helps to avoid the costs, but once an accident has happened, costs can quickly get out of control. Specialized auto body insurance programs help to reduce the risk of significant financial burden for these niche markets. Make certain the injury costs of your employees are covered. Policies may also help to provide for wage replacement and help offset the cost of lost revenues.

Three Step Strategy for Auto Body Shop Risk Management