Tips for Preventing Horseplay in the Workplace

As an employer, ideally, you want your employees to derive some enjoyment from their jobs. However, there is a difference between occasional harmless fun and horseplay. While a little of the former is acceptable, the latter should not be tolerated at all.

What is horseplay at work? As explained on, it is reckless, irresponsible behavior that takes away from work and has the potential to get out of control. When that happens, it can not only endanger your employees, but it can also be very bad for your bottom line. It can cost you in terms of liability insurance premiums, workers’ compensation expenses, and possibly even legal action against your company. Clearly it is better to stop workplace horseplay before it starts.

1. Make Employees Aware of Rules

Ignorance of the rules should never be an excuse. Post your company’s rules and regulations against horseplay in a prominent location where employees can see them.

2. Remind Workers of Their Responsibilities

Employees should understand that the rules are not in place just to try to get them in trouble. Rather, they are supposed to keep everyone safe. Remind them that they are responsible not only for their own safety but that of their co-workers.

3. Enforce the Rules Consistently

Make it clear to your employees that their actions have consequences. Follow through on any stated penalties for horseplay.

You should encourage workplace camaraderie among employees as healthy and productive. However, horseplay can actually undermine this camaraderie by creating anger, embarrassment, or vengeful feelings.

Tips for Preventing Horseplay in the Workplace