library insurance

Public libraries offer the vast world of reading to the masses. But more than that, they provide a space for people to look for jobs, become educated and browse the internet. Library insurance helps the library handle a lawsuit or other event easily. Here are some security risks facing public libraries today.

Cyber Attacks

Offering computer and internet access to the masses comes with the risk of a cyber attack. A patron may inadvertently download malware or ransomware that attacks the infrastructure of the library itself. Thumb drives are helpful but can also transfer corrupting programs onto the library computer.

Sexual Harassment

Librarians may be harassed for a variety of reasons, but sexual harassment is never okay. With the growing #MeToo movement, many female librarians have come forward with stories of sexual harassment by coworkers and patrons. Well-trained staff and an effective sexual harassment policy can mitigate the behavior.

Substance Abuse

Public libraries cater to the masses which includes those suffering from opioid addiction. Heroin is prevalent in certain parts of the country and many users take to the library bathrooms to shoot up. The best advice is to recognize the signs of substance abuse and prevent the patron from using the library bathroom.

A public library is important for any urban area. Protect the services you offer with library insurance.

Top Security Risks Facing Public Libraries