OC insurance

When you create a business insurance policy for your company in Orange County, it can be difficult to understand certain aspects of coverage. One type of OC insurance coverage you may not be familiar with is business interruption insurance. However, taking the time to understand what it covers and how it differs from property insurance may help you feel more comfortable with the coverage you have chosen.

The main function of business interruption insurance is to cover the profits that are lost after your company is affected by a natural disaster. Earthquakes, floods and brush fires may all be possible in Orange County and can damage or even destroy your office building or storefront. When you choose this type of coverage, it can cover profit loss during the rebuilding process, the cost of setting up in a temporary location and, in some cases, training costs if your employees must learn updated processes after machinery or computer systems are replaced.

Unlike property insurance, business interruption does not cover physical items or property that are lost during a disaster. It is also important to understand that this kind of OC insurance coverage is typically bundled in with a larger business insurance package and that your current agent can help you create a policy that is customized to suit the individual needs of your growing company.


Understanding Business Interruption Insurance