homeowner’s insurance in Los Angeles

If you’re the lucky owner of a vacation home, you might ask yourself what type of insurance you need for your second home. The answer is simple: homeowner’s insurance. So, when you go shopping for homeowner’s insurance in Los Angeles, consider these aspects.

Just because you don’t live in your vacation home year-round doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need insurance. In fact, your second house faces some unique risks that your main residence doesn’t. Being away from your vacation home for prolonged periods of time means that there are no occupants inhabiting it. This could mean that potential threats won’t get detected soon enough. Fires, water damage, and burglaries can take place without you even knowing of it. It gets even riskier if your home is in a rural area where you don’t have neighbors that could contact you in case of an emergency. Or, what if you’re physically present when things go wrong but it would take too long to get help because emergency services are too far away? Furthermore, if you have renters occupying your home while you’re away, you might need landlord insurance and rental income protection on top of homeowner’s. Make sure you purchase enough coverage and think about getting umbrella insurance in order to be adequately protected.

Be sure to consider these aspects of insurance for your vacation home. An insurance company that specializes in homeowner’s insurance in Los Angeles considers your unique situation and can recommend the right coverage for you.

Why Your Vacation Home Needs Insurance