While most dog owners seem able to control their pets this isn’t always the case. Dogs can be very temperamental, and under the wrong circumstances they could wind up biting or injuring someone. As the owner, you may likely be sued if their dog ends up biting someone, particularly if it leads to an injury. Dog bite claims are fairly common and claims occur somewhat frequently. Having dog bite homeowners insurance protects owners facing liability claims and will help pay any damages.


The number of claims averages around 15,000 to 16,000 annually; the average cost of a claim usually runs in the tens of thousands of dollars or more. This is due in part to the increase in medical costs, so it’s important for all pet owners to carry dog bite insurance to aid in the costs for these injuries. By doing your part to train your dog and keep a watchful eye, you can help avoid an ugly situation from developing in the first place.


Choose your pet wisely


Some dog breeds are naturally aggressive, so the choice as to the type of dog you own, while a personal decision, certainly factors into the possibilities of your pet presenting problems. However, properly training the animal can help in the prevention of dog attacks. You might want to seriously consider having your dog spayed or neutered as well.


Keeping your dog at bay


No one likes to be sued because his or her pet has bitten someone, whether it was inadvertently or not. You can curb your dog by keeping him on a leash whenever he or she is out for a walk or otherwise away from the house. Your dog, unbeknownst to you, may be wary of strangers, so you need to do your part to avoid anyone becoming a potential victim.


If your dog growls at someone you should command the animal to cease this behavior. You may even choose to cross the street to avoid any sort of confrontation, especially with someone walking another dog if your pet becomes overly animated.


You simply need to do the types of things that can reduce the odds of a dog attack, but first and foremost you need to invest in dog bite homeowners insurance. Speak to a reputable agent today as a way of protecting your valuable assets.



Ways to Prevent Dog Attacks