For those who run or manage nursing home facilities, it is important to understand the risks that are involved in caring for the elderly. While a Caitlin Morgan nursing home insurance policy is designed to provide all of the coverage that a facility would need to protect itself, there is always room for improvement by reducing these common risks.

Slips and Falls

As people age, they are much more likely to become unstable on their feet. Since most residents of nursing homes are elderly, the risk of falls can be huge. Without Caitlin Morgan nursing home insurance, facilities face the possibility of claims due to falls by residents and their loved ones.


Unfortunately, the elderly can be targets for abuse by nursing home staff members. Adequate screening and resident protection programs should always be in place to prevent abuse.

Lack of Alert Systems

In cases of emergency, the lack of alert systems can be life threatening for residents in nursing homes. Your system should be easy to use and well equipped to handle the number of residents that you have in your facility.

Your residents and their families trust you to provide optimal care. With a personalized Caitlin Morgan nursing home insurance policy, you can feel confident that you can offer the best experience possible for those who choose to reside in your facility.

What Are the Most Common Risks Facing Nursing Homes?