Sailing Club Insurance

As a boat club owner, you work hard to provide services to your members and guests. Your marine business has many aspects that require a sailing club insurance policy to protect you from potential risks.

What Possible Issues Could Arise?

You must know the types of unexpected events that may occur to ensure you have adequate coverage to protect your financial interests. Some potential issues include the following situations:

  • A guest sustains an injury after falling on the dock.
  • Fire destroys boats moored in the marina.
  • A ship breaks free during a storm.
  • Someone vandalizes buildings or vessels.
  • A member becomes ill after eating the food served during a club event.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

You must take the necessary steps to protect your yacht, sailing or boat club against potential loss from accidents, injuries, theft, weather events and more. Ensure you have the sailing club insurance policy you need by consulting an agency with expertise in the boating industry. Address the following areas:

  • Obtain enough coverage to pay for replacement costs rather than cash value because of deprecation.
  • Ask about liability coverage for members and guests.
  • Check if your policy covers damage resulting from ice storms, hurricanes or floods.
  • Make sure your insurance includes dock coverage.
  • Include protections for special events and fundraisers.

Protect yourself and your sailing club members from possible liability issues with the policies specific to your industry and business operations.

What Does Sailing Club Insurance Cover
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