Volunteers Insurance

Volunteer labor is an asset to any company; the volunteers themselves, however, can be liabilities. Not only can they injure themselves and others, but they also can damage an organization’s reputation. Here are three major risks that volunteers insurance covers.

Automobile Accidents

Whenever volunteers drive as part of their duties, an organization is in danger of financial loss. Volunteer accident insurance mitigates this risk by paying for medical bills. Should a major accident occur that destroys a vehicle or kills another person, an excess liability policy provides additional coverage.


Volunteers represent your organization to the world. When a member of the general public sues for damages they blame on a volunteer, legal costs can overwhelm available funds. Liability coverage pays for representation, as well as for reparations should the volunteer be found at fault.


Just because volunteers pass a background check does not mean they are immune from the temptation to steal from your organization. Volunteer liability insurance pays for the loss of money or goods and covers the costs of a claim should they compromise client information.

Volunteer insurance minimizes the potential for unpaid personnel to unintentionally damage an organization by their actions. By having such a policy in place, you can reap the benefits of having volunteers without worrying about the risks they pose.

What Does Volunteers Insurance Cover
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