NetRate is a software program designed to fit your rating needs whether you are an insurance carrier, program administrator, or managing general agency, MGA. Not only does this program fit carrier-specific commercial lines rating systems, but also the guidelines set aside by ISO, or the Insurance Services Office, to bring you the newest and best software modules necessary to do your job. You can also get this program as part of an integrated suite designed to help meet all of your online business needs. Examples of programs you can have added to your suite include ISO stat code generation, web hosting, and much more. By choosing a fully integrated system for your computer based processes, you can get more functionality than by going with a piecemeal system of tools.

With the NetRate Commercial Lines Rating System you can rate the differences in coverage for inland marine, commercial auto, general liability, and other lines of coverage to help choose the best plans for each of your customers. You can even have the program customized to rate additional features and options to best fit your needs. With the right program, or suite of them, you can help meet the needs of your customers quickly and easily. You can even find suites of programs designed to need little to no tech support to help keep your costs low.

What Is NetRate?