Organizing a rodeo that the masses can enjoy can be very exciting for the attendees and those in charge of the event. Often, this is a labor of love with audiences coming together for the love of the sport, the lively ambiance, exciting contests, and other activities for everyone. Before these events are even advertised to the public, certain steps must be taken to ensure this can be a safe and entertaining event for all the participants involved. Everything from the general logistics of the event down to specialized horse show insurance must be put in place well in advance so that everyone can focus on enjoying the festivities as soon as the gates open to the public.

Special Considerations

When the audience is cheering from the stands as the rodeo performers show off their talents, they may not fully understand all the work that goes into the planning stages to make the show possible in the first place. points out just some of the special considerations that must be made to make each event safe and successful. They include the following:

Organizing contracts
Taking liability for athletic participants
Preparing for any possible catastrophes
Planning for potential criminal attempts and creating emergency recovery plans
Reinforcing safe food preparation practices
Ensuring the safety of the stage and performance areas

While there are several things to check off on the to-do list before the event even happens, event organizers and rodeo-goers alike can appreciate the efforts when they look back positively on an event free of any accidents or mishaps.

What To Do Before Opening Your Rodeo to the Public