Marine Repairer Insurance Policies

If you work as a contracted marine repairer, you may be wondering whether to protect yourself by getting a marine repairer insurance policy. With work that can cover a wide range of areas and involve several moving parts, it’s essential to make sure you’re protected against potential risks. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Marine Repair Can Cover Several Trades

If you’re not sure whether your work qualifies for marine repairers insurance, it’s important to know that the field actually encompasses several trades, including:

If you work in any of these essential trades, you may be eligible for a policy.

Look for Casualty Coverage and Liability Insurance

When searching for a policy, look for coverage in two areas. First, make sure you get both property and casualty coverage to protect yourself in case of property damage or resulting injuries. Second, look for professional liability insurance, which can act as a safety net in cases where clients claim your error caused them financial harm.

When your craft covers a wide range of areas that could potentially leave you vulnerable, you may want to consider getting a marine repairer insurance policy. Keep these key facts in mind and you can confidently choose the right policy for you.

What You Need To Know About Marine Repairer Insurance Policies
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