Auto insurance
Auto insurance
Windham connecticut auto insurance

Auto insurance is a necessary part of driving a car. Being covered under the right amount of  Windham Connecticut auto insurance will ensure that you are prepared if you are ever involved in a collision. In order for you to benefit from having auto insurance, you will want to update the information on your policy whenever there are personal changes in your life, you move, or there are changes made to the vehicle your policy covers.

Life Events

Marriage and divorce are two huge life events that constitute the need for you to change the information on your insurance policy. If you are getting divorced, updating your policy will ensure that you are not paying for two drivers. For married couples, being on one policy as opposed to two separate ones may save you money on your Windham Connecticut auto insurance.

New Residence

Every time you move, plan on contacting your insurance agency to update your policy. This will make certain that your mailing address is current with your insurance provider and that you are effectively covered according to where you live.

Changes to Your Vehicle

When you buy a new car, sell your car, or pay off your vehicle, you will need to get in touch with your insurance provider to update your policy. In order for your policy to be effective, the correct information regarding your vehicle will need to be made known to your insurance provider.

When to Update Your Auto Insurance Policy