Most standard insurance policies are adequate for covering the cars and homes of the general population. However, individuals of high net worth understand that basic policies usually aren’t sufficient to provide coverage of their assets. Private client services in Pennsylvania offer customized insurance solutions for families and individuals in upper wealth echelons with unique coverage needs.


Custom policies for high-net-worth households can cover specialty products that are not protected by standard policies. Possessions such as fine art collections, jewelry, antique cars, private planes and yachts are all items that need to be safeguarded with insurance. In addition, clients may employ domestic staff that also need to be covered through employment practices liability insurance. Instead of seeking a collection of policies from a series of providers, agencies specializing in coverage to wealth leaders can tailor a single plan to fit all your insurance needs.


Clients who run high-profile businesses also need resources to for personal asset protection. Insurance brokers can extend policies to include special events and crisis management support. By fully reviewing your interests, specialty brokers can advise you on how to grow, manage and protect your assets and avoid losses.


Insurance agencies offering private client services in Pennsylvania understand that elevated personal status and wealth demand special protection of assets and interests. Customized policies can cover your unique needs as an individual and allow you and your family to rest assured knowing that your legacy is in safe hands.

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