cleaning business insurance and bonding

Janitorial companies offer many businesses an invaluable service saving their employees the time and energy of cleaning their offices daily or weekly. Once hired, the business client expects the janitorial service to come in and clean their office spaces. Unfortunately, sometimes janitorial companies steal from their clients. Here’s why janitorial services need both cleaning business insurance and bonding.


Owning a bond can give you a promotional opportunity to make you more attractive to potential clients especially those with larger assets. A bond covers the cost of an item if the company must pay for something an employee stole. New companies may not have the cash on hand to cover the replacement cost making a bond invaluable.


The bond amount the company chooses to obtain depends on a variety of factors. The type of business the janitorial service cleans can give you a general idea on how much to purchase. Businesses with lots of valuable objects may require a higher bond amount than those with generic office supplies.

Having both cleaning business insurance and bonding better protects your janitorial services company from employee theft. Umbrella liability and business liability insurance policies work to help protect many exposures of the company. Adding a bond only gives your business added protection.

Why Janitorial Companies Should Invest in Bonds