Occupational Accident Insurance:Why Truckers Need Workers Comp

Work-related injuries can keep many people out of their job for a length of time, yet the government requires that companies provide workers compensation plans to help cover medical costs. Disability programs can help supplement the lost wages, yet not everyone is entitled to receiving this help. For those who are in business for themselves, such as truckers, any injuries they sustain while hauling or loading cargo may be an expense that comes out of their pocket. If they are out of work for several months, it can be a devastating financial blow.

Investing in Loyalty

Because many truckers are independent contractors, a trucking occupational accident insurance policy can make all the difference if a work-related injury occurs. As noted on https://www.truckinsure.com, employers who rely on the work of truckers would be wise to invest a policy that helps with medical bills, death benefits, and lost wages. This is the primary form of protection from a lawsuit filed by a trucker injured during a route or while loading the cargo. This insurance can bring peace of mind to both the employing company and the driver behind the wheel.

Common trucker injury risks include:

  • Ergonomic injuries such as back pain, cramps, or muscle spasms
  • Driving accidents due to road conditions, another vehicle, or mechanical failure
  • Equipment related injuries such as falling objects, broken straps, or a forklift incident
Why Truckers Need Workers Comp Coverage