workers compensation in Virginia

Suffering a serious injury can be a challenge in your personal and professional life, especially if it limits your ability to go to work and do your job effectively. Covering the medical costs from an accident can be difficult as well. However, if your injury or accident occurs during work time while performing your regular labors, worker’s compensation in Virginia can provide relief and peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Covers Medical Costs

Anyone who has ever had surgery or had to care for a major medical issues understands how steep the costs can be, even after the insurance has covered its share. A nice benefit of worker’s compensation is that this benefits will take care of the entire cost. If something happens to you at work and it wasn’t the result of negligence, you won’t have to worry about fronting the bill.

Pay When Not at Work

What happens if an injury keeps you away from work for an extended period? After you use all your sick or vacation leave, if you’re still not ready to come back to work, worker’s compensation in Virginia will continue to pay you 66.7 percent of your salary while you’re recovering.

Peace of Mind

Recovering from an accident can be hard enough. With worker’s comp, you have the assurance that your finances will be protected.


How Worker’s Compensation Will Help You After an Injury